Challenges of international student recruitment

The business of international student recruitment is getting more and more competitive: new providers are poaching from traditional markets often with new ways of delivering higher education. Global economic pressures are more acute. This makes for challenging times.

The rich, one-day agenda, Challenges of International Student Recruitment conference, features case studies from peers at UK and EU universities who will discuss their operational and strategic approaches to competing in an ever-more competitive and globalised market. Speakers from the British Council and The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education will present their latest intelligence and insights into the international student recruitment market; and commercial speakers from Google UK and Educate, will discuss the latest online tools for reaching niche overseas markets through indigenous social networks, search and other digital developments.

At this event we will aim to address the global challenges of student marketing and recruitment by giving you:

  • time to reflect on what your operational and strategic goals should be

  • an opportunity to hear from experts who can help you consider how you might embrace new developments
  • information regarding how potential students in other continents may wish to engage with you. (Are you conversant with, and prepared for, these changes?)

  • ideas and best practice on the importance of clear and accessible recruitment information. (This might also help with retention rates if potential students firstly understand what they are getting into.)

  • the experiences of some of our international competitors with meeting similar global challenges and the story behind one of the UK's foremost overseas campuses

  • the opportunity to be challenged about your strategies and how you might embrace new international routes to market

The agenda

The agenda features a range of expert speakers from both the commercial world and higher education who are leaders in their field - they will present case studies and innovative thinking regarding the challenges confronting the majority of UK HEIs and provide a range of practical and thoughtful strategies for achieving success.

The afternoon features a number of special interest sessions when you can sign up for sessions of particular professional interest.

The keynote speaker, David Palfreyman, will set the tone for the conference by discussing the phenomenon of the global university and how well 'UK HE plc' competes at this level and whether the vast majority of institutions actually need world champions to be successful as an international destination of choice. The keynote will certainly generate a lot of thought and discussion!

Why international marketing and student recruitment?

There are many trends which are shaping international developments: these encompass the number of students who are studying outside their home countries, staff mobility, the rise of trans-national education, rises in international teaching activities, and international collaboration. Underlying these developments are the changing interests of governments, institutions and individual students, which are all being influenced by global competition and markets.

The market conditions are complex and you will be engaging all your resources at your disposal to build meaningful relationships with your target audiences; but are you maximizing the full potential of the marketing mix by fully utilising the opportunities presented by, for example, digital technology? Likewise, are you fully conversant with the indigenous social media of your target countries? Have you fully utilised the power of search? Are you geared up to satisfy the 'long tail', ie, the endless choices created by the internet and the unlimited demand and opportunity this has unleashed to address minority interests?

Can we learn from our European partners? Are there advantages to having an overseas campus? Are we up to speed on the latest market intelligence and what are the long- and short-term trends?

And how can we maximize our USPs to achieve our goals?

Join us

Join us for a day's debate that is designed to help you address these issues and arm you with new ideas and examples that you can take back to your office and develop with colleagues.

Key issues

The presentations and special interest sessions will aim to give you new ideas and a fresh perspective to help you re-evaluate your organisation's international student recruitment and marketing strategies.

Special interest sessions cover:

  • branding and marketing in China
  • the importance of indigenous social networks
  • recruitment in India
  • a German perspective of international student recruitment
  • the challenges of recruiting in India
  • an overview of international marketing from an EIAE board member
  • and the thoughts, in the closing plenary, of an ex-international director of the challenges ahead and ways to seek success.